what'S YOGA & GRIND?

Well, in simple terms it was my dream, my first baby business and, at least I thought at the time, my calling.

Allow me to explain... In Spring 2018 I started out on what turned into an incredibly exciting, inspiring, educational, tiring, fun and enlightening journey – I tried to open a yoga studio on Northfields Avenue.


I had a vision to build a beautiful studio and health food cafe that was not only ideal for practicing yoga in but also would serve as a base for the Ealing health and wellness community to unite and grow together. Unfortunately I was not able to realise my dream due to complications with the premises.


At the time I felt completely deflated and as if I had failed, in need of some healing and time to think, I packed my backs and headed to India for spiritual solace. Turns out that was just what I needed... I enjoyed space, reignited my creativity and renewed my passion with yoga. I met wonderful people, experienced moments of utter bliss amongst nature and realised my long-time held ambition to become a yoga teacher. Three months on and now I can see that what actually happened was a blessing...

what now for YOGA & GRINd?

You can see from my new site, The Karma Creative, that my focus has changed direction; I now plan to build my design business at my core, as well as teach group, workplace and private yoga classes.


In terms of Yoga & Grind - who knows what the future brings.... But, for now at least, I know that I'm stepping away from it, one new business at a time is enough to contend with don't you think!?

Thanks to everyone that has supported Yoga & Grind and the idea of building a yoga community in Northfields, the light in me honours the light in you, Namaste x.


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