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as a Wix Partner & pro, we offer Wix website design, redesign, editing and site management services.

The Karma Creative specialise in Wix website design, although we sometimes do build and manage websites using other platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress, we prefer to design and build our websites using


There are a number of reasons why we feel the Wix platform if often the best choice for our customers including; the speed at which it allows us to build websites, the ease of website management post launch, Wix's powerful SEO tools, Wix's free client apps and mobile websites and the value of Wix's Premium Plans. Read our FAQs below to find out why we consider Wix to be such a great platform for our customers and check out some of the beautiful custom websites we've built using the Wix platform...

Pippa Martinson Cakes Wix website

Website design with Wix Forms app integration. Client: Pippa Martinson Cakes

Yogadmin Wix website redesign

Website redesign. Client: Yogadmin

Terri Yoga website shown on an iPad

Website design with Wix Bookings, Wix Payments & Wix Videos app integration. Client: Terri Yoga

Wix website design shown on mobile

Website design. Client: Two Brothers Pictures

Torpo e-commerce shop shown on mobile

Website design with EcWid e-commerce integration. Client: Torpo

Personal trainer wix website

Website design. Client: Train with Claire

Wix website design with Wix Booking app

Website design with Wix Bookings app integration. Client: Anabel Soravito Massage

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our wix services

Do you want an aesthetically beautiful, highly functional, user friendly website that can be built with a realistic budget and is easy for you to self-manage post launch?

Maybe you have a Wix website already, but parts aren't working, it needs new functionality or is in need of a little (or a lot) of TLC. Maybe you dream of a complete redesign or have spotted another site that's caught your eye? Or perhaps you've already heard about how great Wix is and you're thinking about moving your old website onto the platform? We can help, we have something for each business and budget, there's no job too big or small so let's get started today!

Wix website design
Wix website planning, design & build 

Our standard Wix design packages start at £650 with e-commerce packages available from £2300.


Included in all packages is a comprehensive planning and UX design service, one round of free edits, SEO setup, Mobile site setup, basic training and help with the launch of your new site.

Further services are available, book a meeting and we'll talk through what you need together with a custom quote.

Wix website redesign
wix website redesign, fixes or editing

We provide a heuristic evaluation and review to give you tips and suggestions on how to improve your existing Wix website.


Our Wix-pert help service will help you fix any problems you may be having with your site or our editing service covers one-off small or large edits including complete redesigns. Prices start from £75, book a meeting today to get started.

regular wix website maintenance

Need help maintaining your Wix site? We have three maintenance plans priced at a monthly rate starting from £75.


Maintenance plans can be used for everything from blog updates, content and image updates, technical troubleshooting to SEO and UX optimisation.  

For plan details and booking please get in touch.

Wix website training
wix expert training & consultancy

Our Wix-pert designer Sara can help answer any technical questions or problems you have with your Wix site and account.

Get to grips with editing your own Wix site, build confidence or become an expert yourself. Book a Wix training or consultancy session with Sara today.

  • Why do you use the Wix platform to build websites?
    We are a Wix website design agency specialising in working on the platform. We find it's such a great fit for our clients because; It's cost effective - The Wix Editor makes building websites a lot quicker for us because we focus on user experience and design, not coding. By cutting out the coding and the need for an expensive developer, we can build sites quicker, normally in less than two weeks, at a much more realistic cost to our customers. It's versatile - The only limit is your imagination! We can do most things to your site, from adding an e-commerce shop or on-demand fitness video channel to linking your social media feeds, creating your blog and more. It's easy for clients to take ownership - Many clients are looking for an easy to use website that they can manage themselves without the need for constant bug fixes, updates, any coding or expensive ongoing costs. Although we do offer website maintenance plans, with our Wix-pert training and the easy to use "drag-and-drop" Wix Editor, our clients have the ability to easily manage their own sites post launch and can change ANY part of them without a coder or designer. It's mobile friendly - Wix websites are responsive and are viewable across devices, web browsers and software so they perform just as well on a desktop computer as a mobile or tablet device. It's great with SEO - 75% of people do not look past page one of a Google search, this means if you are not appearing on the first page for your keywords then your website is not in the race! Wix websites have been proven to perform as well as, if not better than traditionally built websites and even WordPress! It keeps getting better! - From developments in SEO to powerful new e-commerce tools, Wix is constantly evolving, improving and building the best technical solutions for their users. This means any Wix customer, and therefore our customer, can take advantage of an ever-evolving tech market and be sure their business has room to grow and support to stay ahead of the competition.
  • How much does a Wix website cost?
    The cost of your website will depend on the number of features and functionality you require as well as the number of pages needed and any additional services you may need such as branding, content creation, website training, local SEO and more. Generally speaking, a basic standard landing page website costs £650, whereas a multi-page e-commerce or booking website costs £2300. To get a custom quotation please book a meeting with us and we can discuss your requirements and give you a FREE project proposal together with a tailored quote.
  • How long does it take to build a website?
    The time it takes to build your site will depend on a number of factors including how much content you already have, how many pages you need, what functionality is required, how many stakeholders are involved in the project and of course how quickly you can work with us to provide assets, feedback and sign-off! Generally speaking, an e-commerce or booking website takes about two weeks to build whereas a basic one-page website takes 1-3 days, sometimes less!
  • Do I need to have a Wix account?
    No... Not to start with, but we will need to set you up with one when we launch the site. Don't worry it's very easy to do and we'll help guide you together with all of the support we give around your website launch. Of course, if you already have an account then that's great, we'll discuss details when we begin our project together.
  • I'm worried about security... Do I have to give you my Wix login?
    We are a Wix Partner and trusted supplier of Wix website design services and will only use any passwords or login details with your permission for the work requested by you only. But if you prefer, you do not have to give us your Wix login details. You can either transfer the site to us to work on and once complete we will transfer it back to you, or you can add us as an admin to your site so that we can edit it for you without ever needing your login details.
  • I want a website but I'm not sure about Wix - can you help me?
    Of course!... We understand that all of our clients' businesses have different needs and that's why we always prefer to kick things off with a FREE 30 minute consultation during which we can learn all about your goals, problems and requirements. We will then be able to provide the best recommendation for your project, it may be a Wix website will work for your business but equally we have experience building websites on Squarespace, Wordpress and Shopify and so will be able to judge what's right for you without bias. Book a meeting today and let's get started.
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