terri yoga

Terri is an active and successful yoga teacher, over five years, she has built up her class attendance and reputation with an impressive list of clients.


Her growth has come with its' challenges though and having such a dedicated following meant that Terri found herself overwhelmed with the amount of administration behind taking bookings manually via WhatsApp, Facebook or over email and the phone. A lack of an online booking and payment system left her handling upwards of 200 messages a week!

Terri needed our help to create a professional website that allows her students to easily book into classes, pay for subscriptions, packs and sessions and promote her other services which have been, up until now, held back from creating additional revenue. We built a website that not only looks beautiful, it works for her customers, her business and her future growth.


Our comprehensive website training, included as part of our service, means that Terri is confidently able to manage and update her website herself without the need for costly ongoing design and developer fees.


User Interface Design & UX

Website Design

Online Booking System

Online Payments System

On Demand Video Rentals System

Website Training