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I Love Your Scarf is the headscarf and hair accessories brand by maker Lizzie Gosset. She creates fashionable headscarves and pre-tied headwraps that enable a flattering new look - whether or not you have hair!

We created a fun, playful, and carefree brand, embodying the women who are the inspiration behind the business. Women like you and I, only with dodgy cells, which means they are either fighting or have fought cancer.

The logo is artfully inspired by the shape of a head, a piece of a missing cell, and the raising of a smile, all wrapped up into a neat little form that is then used through illustrative print design.


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Lizzie experienced hair loss after chemo to treat breast cancer in 2019. After hours spent playing around with the fabric of different patterns and sizes, she came up with something that looked good, felt good, and seemed to impress even those who still had hair – which is where “I love your scarf” came from.

Lizzie does what she does to meet the need for simple, stylish headgear to

get women out there whether they are experiencing a bad hair day or a no hair day and raise money for charities that support people with cancer.

We admire Lizzies' initiative and passion behind her brand as well as applauding the money she is raising for charity. As such we were delighted to support her by making this one of our Karma Creative Projects. Read more about our Karma Creative initiative.

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